As someone who travels on a weekly basis, I am always looking at how I can maximize my carry on luggage.  Over the years, I have spent a considerable amount of money on many brands, none of them have given the optimum travel experience.  I was therefore delighted to come across Gate 8 and the luggage they offer – which besides being of very good quality, is also at a price point considerably lower than other bags I have tried in the past.

I selected to buy the Garment Mate Light bag as the ability to carry a suit (at least two would fit in there) plus several shirts, combined with a detachable laptop bag really allows me to travel with all I need.  Then when I arrive at my destination and have meetings, I simply detach the laptop bag.  In the laptop bag, I have managed to fit a pc, MacBook, iPad mini and all the cords you need to go along with these – there are a number of pockets that can be filled with smaller items.

I have used the bag on a number of trips now, ranging from 2 to 5 days and find it very practical, of good design and manufacture – it has replaced a far more expensive bag from another brand and is now my goto travel bag.  Additionally,  the experience in Dubai of buying the bag could not have been easier, as after contacting the team via the UAE website, they had a bag with me within 4 hours.

Ian Johnson

Sales Director, Wynyard Group